Promo videos

Promo video is a very efficient way for promoting your product, business or an idea. In times of advanced technologies, fast-paced lifestyle, it’s these short forms of moving pictures that get most of our attention. Whether it’s a TV commercial or more often, a content created for social media, such Facebook or Instagram, video carefully directed for your purposes can help you highlight your activities, and put you one step ahead of others.

With us you can get support from the very begining of the process, discussion about the idea and screenplay, over organising extra parts of production (make up, actors, location) all the way to the final product that will please all your criteria.

About Atria Group
Client: Atria Group
Year: 2019
Promotional video for serbian company Atria Group. Atria Group is international consulting company with mission to provide the best possible solutions for leadership development, soft skills development and personal development to their clients.

Brid TV
Client: Brid TV
Year: 2019
BridTV is a fast-growing technology company and enterprise-level video monetization solution from Serbia.

Client: Zuhlke Engineering
Year: 2019
DevOps is software practice which emphasizes collaboration between product management, development and operations. Video was filmed on several locations in Zurich and Belgrade.

Albin TV
Client: Albin Group AG
Year: 2019
Albin Group AG is Swiss company which main goal is distributing medical equipment. They also have several projects in fields of education. This is one of few dozens of videos that Diptych produced for platform Albin TV, where the company explained their most important products.

Dare to be Original
Client: Novak Djokovic Foundation
Year: 2018
Announcement video for conference “Dare to be Original” organized by NDF and Original Magazine, where main topic was promotion of entrepreneurship in Serbia.

Intensive NLP at Kopaonik
Client: NLP Center
Year: 2018
Announcement video for conference Intensive NLP training on Kopaonik, with call to action for people to join 2018 edition of the seven day workshop.

Estera summer campaign
Client: Estera Aesthetic Center
Year: 2018
This is one of two videos that we worked on in Estera’s summer campaign about their latest treatments and aesthetics center in general, presenting their main expert Nenad Stanković.

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