If your business is based on lectures and courses, filming a presentation will make things much easier for you. Learning through video is one of the most effective learning methods. Furthermore, if you organize a conference with prominent speakers whose stories you would like to document and preserve, Diptych is at your service. Both short and long video blogs, interviews or perhaps some completely different form created especially for your needs – we’ll visualize it the right way.

Albin TV – MicroAire
Client: Albin Group
Year: 2019
Albin Group is Swiss distribution company, which deals in fields of medicine and aesthetics. Here you can see explainer video for one of their products.

Video presentations
You need a video of your presentation? Leave documenting your vlogs, lectures or interviews to professionals.

Neuroscience Of Engagement
Client: Atria Group
Year: 2016
Cut out from a lecture by british coach Amy Brann and her comments about participants of the course.